Fair Finance Guide Japan wins Consumer Education Material Award 2022

Fair Finance Guide Japan wins Consumer Education Material Award 2022

“Where are you going, my money? – The transnational flow of finance and our choices,” the financial educational documentary produced by Fair Finance Guide Japan, was awarded Japan’s Consumer Education Material Award 2022 by the National Institute on Consumer Education.  Prominent stakeholders in government agencies, private corporations, and practitioners in relevant fields participated in the competition to contribute to the development of teaching materials that are useful in the field of education and the enhancement of consumer education in schools.

The awarded educational film by Fair Finance Guide Japan was produced in 2021, with the aim of raising consumer awareness of how their deposits could be linked to current social and environmental concerns. The film consists of three parts, with Part 1 and Part 2 illustrating how financial systems engaged by megabanks largely contribute to the exacerbation of climate crisis and human rights abuses in the palm oil industry in Indonesia. Each part of the film demonstrates concerns that the financial industry is a major part of funding companies that continue to contribute to adverse climate impacts and human rights abuses.

The whole film was published by the Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) and both Part 1 and Part 2 are publicly available on YouTube:

Part 1 – Coal-fired power projects and climate crisis:

Part 2 – Palm oil plantation and human rights violation in the supply chain: